Guy Maddin paints a comic nightmare as only he can guided by the imaginative writing of Isabella Rossellini who also stars in My Dad is 100 Years Old.

This sublime short film finds Isabella Rossellini reminiscing on the life and films of her father Roberto Rossellini, a prominent Italian writer/director of what became neo-realism.

“I started reading Greek tragedy, Electra, Medea and stuff like that, and basically I just took some premises from these super-durable stories. The things I end up layering around these rock-solid premises are invariably pure autobiography [. . .] once I slipped away what little remained of Euripides, what was left was some core sample of me.”

– Guy Maddin


Director:  Guy Maddin

Producers:  Michael Burns, Niv Fichman,           Phyllis Laing and Jody Sharpiro

Screenplay:  Isabella Rossellini

Music:  Christopher Dedrick

Cinematography:  Len Peterson

Film Editor:  John Gurdebeke

Art Directors:  Larry Spittle

Spanky Productions, Inc.

Released:  April, 2 2006 (USA)


Starring Cast:

Isabella Rossellini

Isaac Paz, Sr. (the belly of Roberto Rossellini)

Alfred Hitchcock

David O. Selznick

Federico Fellini

Charlie Chaplin

Ingrid Bergman

Anna Magnani