25 Greatest Science Fiction & Fantasy Movies of All Time

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Science Fiction brings ideas, hope and escape and we need all three. We seek the future as it seemingly runs from us like a hand reaching out to a flame that is just out of our grasp, but nevertheless we reach out. 1.)    2001: [...]

Tom Hardy: The 21st Century’s Best Actor

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Tom Hardy was born in London, England on Sep 15, 1977 to an artist and a writer. He began his acting career in 2001 with bits part in the final two episodes of HBO’s Band of Brothers (2001) and Black Hawk Down (2001). But soon after he had a major part as the villainous Picard [...]

My Dad is 100 Years Old

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Guy Maddin paints a comic nightmare as only he can guided by the imaginative writing of Isabella Rossellini who also stars in My Dad is 100 Years Old. This sublime short film finds Isabella Rossellini reminiscing on the life and films of her father Roberto Rossellini, a prominent Italian writer/director of what became neo-realism. [...]